Where do you get your ideas?

Ideas come from everyday events. Even boring things become interesting if you think: What if? Suppose you are on your way to school. What if you see a Pop Idol at the local café? What if it was your favourite singer? What would you do? Think of ANY situation and try “What If”. It will give you heaps of ideas.

What is your process for writing stories?

I start at the start and work through to the end. Not all authors do this – some will think of a great ending and work backwards. I first think of a story – usually an adventure and then work out my characters. I try and have humour in all my fiction books so will choose one character to be the funny one.

Why did you choose to write?

I love to read, but some children don’t. I wanted to write fun books packed with exciting adventures that would turn children onto reading as well as being a good read for keen readers. I always loved to write. When I was at school and the teacher would set the class an essay to do, everyone but me would groan.

What is your favourite book out of all the ones you have written and why?


Hmm…that’s hard to answer. Probably the Monster Guide to Missing Princesses because it always makes me laugh. I had such fun writing the characters.


I love researching and learning about new things, so I liked them all. However, I worked in Heritage so the series of 4 books on Australian Heritage are my favourite.

Who are your favourite characters from your books?

  • Granny Grant from Granny and the Bully
  • The Princes from the Monster Guide to Missing Princesses
  • The Aliens from When Maps Go Bad
  • Tutankhamen from The Adventures of Tutankhamen

What do you like about being a writer?

  • I have fun!
  • I love making reading fun for children.
  • I work from home so I fit in writing around the needs of my children.
  • I can listen to other people talking and pretend that I’m not just eavesdropping but that I’m researching my next book.
  • I get to mix with other children’s writers.