For Kids

For Kids

Helen loves to write books for children. Have you read any of her books? Have a look in your classroom, school library or local library and you’ll find at least one of her books. Helen loves writing mysteries and adventure stories but really, really loves writing funny books best of all. Helen also likes writing non-fiction books and the topics range from wild and weird pets to cool science experiments.

How does Helen know about so many different things? Well, apart from being amazingly brilliant (she told me to write that!) Helen has worked in the areas of Heritage and with the Victorian Police. She has also traveled a lot and lived in many places in Australia, America and England.

Did you know that…?

101 Cool Science Experiments was on the Australian National Best Seller List for 8 weeks over the 2002 Christmas period?

Helen also does other types of writing. Sometimes books from other countries don’t exactly suit Aussie kids. Helen rewrites parts of the text so that the facts and figures and language can be understood.

Helen’s special skills include research and in making hard topics like Extreme Survival suitable for young kids to read.

Clever Clogs!

Helen’s formal qualifications include a B.A. degree in Literature and Social Sciences. She went to Blackburn High School where her best achievements were:

  1. Being able to read novels during class without being caught by the teacher.
  2. Thinking up a different excuse each week to get out of doing P.E.